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This guy found a diet that works for him

Variety is the spice of life. There are a lot of diet plans out there for you if you’re interested in fat loss. Some are the fad or crash diets that you should stay away from at all costs. They aren’t healthy, they can’t be maintained for very long and they leave you miserable and eventually lead to more fat gain.

Diets that work on the other hand set you up for success in the long term. You learn healthy menus and eating habits, ways to cope with the mental pressures of changing your lifestyle and tips for getting through the rough spots. You also get support and answers to your questions. Now that you know the basics of picking a diet it is time to consider your personal needs.

There are many plans out there, each recommending different ways of eating, different foods and with different levels of support. It is time for you to decide what the most important goals of your diet are so that you can make an informed decision on which plan is going to work best for you.

The #1 Secret You NEED to Know to Find Diets That Work Fast!

So what is the #1 secret to finding the best diet? The key is to BE CONSISTENT. As long as you continue your healthy way of eating, you will continue to see results. You will look and feel better, have more energy and be happier. You need good information and a solid plan to follow and that is where picking the right diet plan becomes important. The right plan will give you the truth about how to eat and will provide great support for the rest of your life.

To achieve consistency you need to find a diet that fits in with your schedule, lifestyle and the foods you want to eat.

You’ll have your own likes and opinions, but to make the choice easier, I’ve tried and taken notes on how easy a number of diets were for me to follow, as well as how much I enjoyed the experience. I hope that my insights can help you and other people find something that finally fits with you and everyone can avoid tedious trial and error and stamp out yoyo dieting.

You can examine the chart below for some ratings on some top, as well as some “fad” diets to get an idea of what will work for you. You can also take our short quiz and in less than 2 minutes figure out what is important to you to get out of your diet and get a recommendation on which plan will fit you best. Click here to start!

Diet Comparison Chart

This chart includes several diets for comparison. Comparisons are based on someone following a S.A.D or Standard American Diet. Ranking is done very strenuously based on the best case scenario which a diet can follow and still be healthy and lead to success. Like everything else diets have their differences, diets that work fast might have other drawbacks and an eating plan that includes weird foods may not be one you want to stick to.

A typical “fad” diet is also included for comparison. Keep in mind, just because a diet has a high rating does not mean it will be a good fit for you. You can click each title to sort and find the top rated diet in each category. You need to evaluate yourself and your situation to discover which areas are most important to your success, you can take this quick diet quiz to help.

For reference: 5 stars means

Motivation and Support – Diet has a good support system and tools to keep you motivated.

Easy to Follow – The diet is simple, uses regular easy to find foods and doesn’t have strict timing or other methods.

Requires Food Change – The diet is not based around eliminating or adding a specific food group, standard food choice.

Not Restrictive – This diet is good for going out with friends, eating at restaurants and letting you live your life without always thinking about what you are eating.

If you’re wondering which diet works to lose weight fast, the answer is all of them, the sticking point with these diets are how easy they are to follow, which is why I’ve rated them by the factors above.

For more information on any specific diet, please click the image in the chart.

Name and Overall Rating
Motivation and Support
Easy to Follow
Requires Food Changes
Not Restrictive
4star 4
Eat Stop Eat
My Review
3star 34star 45star 54star 4
5star 5
My Review
4star 45star 54star 44star 4
2star 2
Raw Food Diet
2star 25star 52star 22star 2
35star 3.5
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle
5star 535star 3.53star 33star 3
4star 4
Fat Burning Furnace
4star 44star 43star 34star 4
35star 3.5
Dash Diet
2star 24star 43star 34star 4
35star 3.5
14 Day Rapid Fat Loss
3star 34star 43star 33star 3
1star 1
Baby Food Diet
1star 12star 21star 11star 1
3star 3
Mediterranean Diet
2star 23star 32star 23star 3
3star 3
Starve Mode
3star 33star 33star 34star 4
3star 3
Fat Loss 4 Idiots
2star 23star 33star 33star 3
3star 3
Ornish Diet
2star 23star 32star 23star 3
2star 2
30 Days to Thin
2star 24star 42star 22star 2
4star 4
Weight Watchers
5star 54star 44star 43star 3

What is a Diet?


Some diets are for the birds

The word diet has two different definitions. The first is the healthy, natural one which refers to what a certain animal will eat in its natural environment. A lion lives on a diet of gazelle and antelope, the diet of deer consists of leaves, berries and bark.

The simple meaning here is just “What do you eat?”. Then there is the second meaning of diet, the one we’ve created just for ourselves, not found in nature. This word “diet” refers to making a relatively short but drastic change to the foods you eat with the goal of losing weight. You “go on” a diet meaning at some point the diet is over and you can now eat whatever you like. This second type of diet has been created just for us, humans, and sometimes a few of our domesticated animals like dogs and cats who get too fat.

If you look at the first definition though, and look at animals in nature, you’ll see that they have no need for our human definition of diet because they always stay healthy. Seals or bears may put on a lot of fat, but that is just a necessity of life in their habitats.

An important step in finding a diet that works is to think of diet not in the short term, quick fix way that we’ve recently created for ourselves, but in the primal, natural way that has worked for thousands of years. A new diet is a new way of experiencing food for life. Make the commitment to healthy eating and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits both in fat loss and improved health.

How to Find a Diet that Meets YOUR Needs

One size does not fit all in the diet department. Look around the world and consider the different cuisines of different countries. There are as many different dishes as there are people to eat them. Speaking of people, your circumstances and lifestyle are also unique to you. You have unique traits which make you gravitate towards different foods and activities and away from others.


Don’t want to change the foods you eat? Try a Paleo Pizza one of hundreds of Paleo friendly recipes. Click to find more!

The goal is to find a diet which will work with what you already have rather than try to totally change your habits from the ground up. A good way to do this is to examining yourself and your goals. What are the most important things you’d like to get from your diet? Are you concerned about having low energy or giving up your favourite foods? Maybe you need something that is laid out step by step to be easy to follow because that is the style that works for you. Try taking our quick diet quiz to find break down what is important to you and find a diet plan that fits for you.

Overview of My Top 5 Diet Plans

When I first made a commitment to myself to make a difference in my diet, I did some research and found what I thought were the five best diets out there. I got them all and went through them, testing them and learning all I could. These are those diets, which I can now highly recommend to you. Below is an overview of each diet to let you know what you’ll be getting into if you decide to follow it which I hope will be helpful in choosing the diet that is going to be a fit for you.

Eat Stop Eat


Maybe you’ve heard of intermittent fasting before. Well Eat Stop Eat is the golden handbook in the intermittent fasting world. It works by using periods of fasting, where you eat little to no food but still drink water. You might initially think to yourself, “Oh that is unhealthy” or that this is a starvation diet. Not at all. Consider an activity you do each day, sleeping, hopefully for around 6-8 hours, maybe more on a lazy Sunday. Well the entire time you’re sleeping you are also fasting, you aren’t even taking in water. You’re already intermittent fasting and you didn’t know it! Now if you extend that fasted state a few more hours you’ll have the basics of the diet.

>I Have Personal Experience Using This Plan. You Can Read My Thoughts and Review Here.

What I love about this way of eating is that it helps you learn a lot about hunger. A lot of eating is not done due to hunger, but as a reflex or a routine. Fasting helps you get in touch with your relationship with food and helps mold and control it. This is not to say that fasting is the same as starving. You will have plenty of food to eat during your non-fasting periods, which will easily allow you to healthily and comfortably complete a fasting period.

Of course fasting can be an adjustment and your first few times may be a bit uncomfortable as you fight the habit to eat. A great thing about this plan is all the time that you will be able to free up. Being able to fast means you won’t have to prepare any meals and you won’t have to buy as much food, saving you money.

Also, with very little planning, fasting won’t interfere with your day to day life. You can choose the times you fast, planning around special events or even reschedule a fasting period if something comes up last minute. The biggest downside to the plan is the beginning. Most people will find fasting a very foreign concept and the first few times may leave you feeling hungry after a few hours. This is normal and goes away quickly after a few times.

I think it is great for mental conditioning and as a teaching tool to learn just how much of our eating we do because we are hungry and how much is done because of routine. Check this out if you are busy, want to save time and money or want to assess and challenge your current relationship with eating.

Paleo Burn


The Paleo diet has really taken off. There are millions of loyal paleo followers absolutely in love with this way of eating. This is because it is simple and it works. The most basic premise of PaleoBurn is that you will be eating the same sorts of foods that our ancestors in the Paleolithic Era has access to. Things like fruits, nuts, root vegetables like sweet potatoes and other vegetables with lots of meat and fish as well. This was before the invention of farming, during the time of the hunter-gatherer and so things like cereal grains, animal milk and refined sugar are limited.

Many people today have gluten allergies and intolerance to dairy anyway, which eliminates a lot of the no-no foods from PaleoBurn anyway, so if you fall into that category you might already be turning paleo. By eating in the same way that we have been for thousands of years you can take advantage of evolution. The Standard American Diet with milk, cheese, bread and pastas has only been around for a short few hundred years, certainly not enough time for our bodies to fully adapt to the big changes in diet that came with the invention of farming.

>>If You Want to Hear About My Personal Experience With the Diet Check Out My Review Here

Just because this diet is based on cave dwellers, doesn’t mean you have to act like one. We love our favorite foods, milk, cheese, pasta and more. Well thanks to the huge number of people following the PaleoBurn lifestyle a TON of recipes and tricks are available. Rather than milk, you’ll try almond milk. Instead of a bowl of pasta, spaghettify some zucchini and toss with tomato sauce and meat balls. A change to eating paleo does not mean a change in what you eat, if you’ve got the will there is a way to make your favorite foods paleo friendly.

Another perk about this change is that if you are one of the many people with an undiagnosed mild gluten or dairy allergy you will start to feel a lot better after switching over. I’d recommend that anyone at least try the diet for this reason. On the downside Paleo has a few restrictions on food choices.

Due to its big following, many restaurants now offer paleo friendly options of old favorites but sometimes you’ll have to check the menu to make sure things are up to code. Also when starting out you will need to experiment with your own recipes and find the ones you love. After you do find what you love things will be easy again.

The Paleo community is a huge plus for this way of eating as support, recipes and excited people to talk to are never far away. Check this out if you enjoy trying new foods, you want to feel better, or could benefit from a great, supportive community.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle


This plan was developed by Tom Venuto based on his years of experience in the most demanding fat loss arena of all, professional bodybuilding. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to benefit from the information, the principles offered will serve you at any level of fat loss, because what you learn is how to eat and more importantly how to be mentally prepared to stick with it.

The very first part of the plan doesn’t teach you about food, exercise or anything else you might associate with a typical diet but it is absolutely the most important topic to success. You will learn about the mental aspect of the diet, why diets fail and how to change your way of thinking to stay motivated and succeed. The great thing is that if you really take these lessons to heart, you’ll find that you can apply this mental training to any aspect of your life you’d like to improve or any goal you want to reach.

This is THE most motivational, supportive diet you are going to find anywhere. First with what you will learn about setting goals and self-motivation and second from the community support. This plan comes with a community forum where you can get answers about anything from the pros. Personalized answers to your questions, and most importantly motivational support. Becoming part of the community gives you a reason bigger than yourself to succeed, encourages you to push yourself and break through your self imposed boundaries and then when you’ve experienced your successes you can share your experiences with other people. Realizing that you’ve made it and being able to think back and relate your story to others is one of the best feelings I can think of when it comes to staying motivated.

This is the diet for you if you have motivation trouble or find that diets don’t stick. The tools you’ll learn and the support you’ll get if you commit yourself to success are second to none. If you want results by any means necessary this is the place for you.

The diet is a bit more hardcore than some others, and you are encouraged to eat frequently throughout the day so it can take some getting used to, but the fat loss and body results you see will be outstanding, but what else would you expect from a diet designed by a professional in the field of looking great.

Fat Burning Furnace


I love the name of this diet because it really gets me thinking about making a change from gaining weight to burning fat. You DO want to be a fat burning furnace and the thought motivates you to make positive decisions. The story of how this plan came about is also very inspirational.

Rob, after suffering some serious setbacks in his life, had become obese and decided he had to turn things around for his family. He did his research online and found the diet that worked for him. Imagine that! Well it worked so well for him that he got all his family and friends to try his new way of eating and eventually more and more people began to try his methods and found success until the fat burning furnace diet plan became what it is today. His story means a lot to me and I find it very inspiring.

The Fat Burning Furnace comes with a TON of information, over 150 pages that will outline everything for you, from the step by step guide to losing fat, information about WHY the diet works and how what you eat makes a difference to your metabolism and how you store fat as well as a bunch of handy tools like information on calculating your body fat %, quick tips on calories, easy progress tracking tools and help understanding your metabolic rate.

One of the best things about the Fat Burning Furnace is how easy it is to follow. There are very few food restrictions or eating requirements and you can also use the built in meal prep tool to plan your whole weeks worth of meals with a click. It also accommodates any kind of dietary restriction you might be following: kosher and vegetarian meals are all already available.

You should look out for “information overload” when you start using this plan. There is so much to read and absorb, and I totally support learning and having an in-depth understanding of why diet works for fat loss, however when you are starting out it is important that you don’t get overwhelmed with the reading and start following the simple steps quickly, absorbing the rest of the information over time. This is easy to do because you’ll get free email support as well, so you’ll be able to quickly ask questions and clarify anything that you might not understand from the book, and learn, learn, learn.

Here is a diet plan made by the people, for the people, or at least it is made by one person who was able to prove that you really can teach yourself how to eat, lose fat and become healthy with the right information. This plan will be great for you if you aren’t looking to make huge changes to your diet by cutting food groups or eating at odd times. It is easy to follow, doesn’t take up a lot of your time and most importantly, it works.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet


There are many wrong ways to do your diet, but there are many right ways too. As I’ve been pointing out, different diets work for different situations, different lifestyles and for different people. The 14 day diet could be the diet that works for you.

The plan focuses on a 14 different days of eating, manipulating both carbs and calories. Some days you eat what you want, some days are more controlled and you eat less. One awesome thing about this is that it is all done in mini cycles. You are only on the restrictive part of the diet for a few days at a time, which is followed by a more regular eating day, or even a high carb day where you’ll be eating things you might normally think are “bad foods”.

The thing is, carb cycling like this isn’t some crazy fad, it has been used for a long time by professionals as a fat loss tool. You’ll learn about why carb cycling works, about how carbs affect body chemistry and things like insulin and blood sugar and how they work with fat loss. I admit, at first this really seemed like a fad diet to me and so I did a lot of research into exactly what was up with this diet, but unlike other popular diets which simply tell you, no carbs ever, the 14 Day Diet does not cut out the important carbohydrate food group, but uses it to your advantage to maximize your fat loss.

What I love about this diet is how short and to the point it is. In two weeks you can get great fat loss results and then either choose to do another 14 days or eat a normal healthy diet and maintain your new weight. There are a bunch of different reasons why this 14 day time frame make the diet great.

First, it is a great kick starter. For just two weeks you can really focus on the diet, really throw yourself into it. This leads to a renewed interest in healthy eating, an extra amount of fat loss and gets you back into the swing of things if you’ve found yourself losing interest in eating healthy or if you’ve stopped following healthy eating habits. I like to do a cycle of this diet every month or two to supercharge my own healthy eating and remind myself of my goals.

Second, following the 14 day plan gets some of the best results I’ve seen in a two week period. The fat loss is just about the best you can get for the time, which makes it great for any sort of special event where you may want to drop an extra 5 pounds quickly. Now some of the weight will not be fat, but will be so called “water weight” which will not be permanent weight loss, but there is still permanent fat loss and you can really use the diet to manipulate your weight quickly if you need to look your best for a day.

Now during the 14 day cycle there will be some days where you are following some guidelines that are outside the norm from your everyday diet so if you don’t think that that is for you this may not be a diet that will work for you. However, the strict days are very short in the bigger picture and are followed by more normal days where you might even be eating more than normal. Unless your willpower is very low or you have no interest in counting carbs for 2 or 3 days then you shouldn’t have a problem.

You’ll also get the more moderate maintenance diet to follow between your 14 days which will keep you losing fat and staying healthy. Here is a diet plan that is a bit different but shows that different doesn’t mean wrong. This diet works. Try it if you are looking for a way to kick start your fat loss, get some seriously quick results or looking for a way to re find your motivation when your diet starts to slack. If you are looking for diets that work fast stop here.

Your Turn

You are at the edge. It is time to take the plunge and commit yourself to a new way of eating. Please use what you’ve learned here to get the right tools for the job and make the most of your diet. No matter whether you’ve tried dieting before or you are setting out for the first time, you can succeed.

Commit to learning about yourself, your food and your body and you will make a difference. I want you to succeed, so if you have any thoughts, questions or comments about your diet please feel free to email me at or find me on Google+

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