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John BakerIf you’re interested in knowing a bit about me and why I want to help find a diet that works for you, read on.

Growing up I always did well at school. I got good grades and thought everything was alright. Being overweight wasn’t much of a problem, even when approaching 300 pounds. Sure there was gym class but I always came up with some way to do as little as possible and still scrape by. I remember dreading track and field day though. One day just before summer break that whole school went outside for the day and participated in track and field events. I remember thinking, standing there in the hot sun, “How can all these people do it?”, I just didn’t understand. Well the reason I didn’t understand is that “gym class” didn’t teach me anything about what would have actually helped me. What I needed was a “health and fitness class” and thanks to some personal events that happened later on I was able to find what I needed.

I was always more of a video gamer more than anything and when I got on the internet that habit took off. I led a sedentary life, full of soft drinks and hot pockets, with my butt planted in front of the computer. However, being overweight was starting to be a bit more of a problem for me. I rarely went anywhere and when I did I was uncomfortable in my own skin. Sitting in that chair in front of the computer for so long really masked the problem that weight gain had before for me.

Luckily for me that same computer which had been a big part in creating the problems was also the gateway to the solution. I could find all the information I wanted on how to lose weight. I could take the “health and fitness” class that I had never gotten in school all those years ago. Well I learned A LOT and I tried a lot of different things. I started to realize that I was ultimately in control of what happened to me and how I treated my body. Not being one for the gym, I focused on making changes to my diet, easy things that I could do at home. I had to eat, but if I just made a few small changes, everything I had learned told me I would see results. I still remember starting out, I only made two changes: Stop drinking soft drinks and start eating carrots. Weird, right? Well it turns out when you stop drinking 2-3 liters of cola every day you make a huge dent in your weight with almost no effort. As for the carrots? Well I decided I needed to eat healthier and with what I knew at the time, that meant eating carrots. The little baby carrots that come in a resealable bag. To me they were reminiscent of a bag of chips and I was a real “crunch” junkie, so carrots were one of my top healthy snack foods.

Well I made great strides with my new diet and was losing fat. My success drove me to want more, to find the best answers and the ultimate guides. So I searched online and I found them and I tried them. It was great, I was loving all the new stuff I was trying. I’d start diet A, stick with it for a while, but I’d still be reading more and more and I got really excited about trying diet B so I’d switch over to that and then the next one and so on. I had caught the diet bug as it were.

Well I guess I started talking a lot about my new lifestyle. I told my family and friends and I found that a lot of my online friends had the same issues as me. I was eager to talk with others about what I had learned, help them get the same results I had gotten and be as excited as I was about losing weight. I’d recommend whatever diet I was on at the time and tell them just follow this. Sometimes I’d get a great response, my friends loved it and would tell me how great it worked for them. Other times I got some complaints back, something didn’t work or the plan didn’t fit their needs. It got me thinking about why what worked for me wasn’t working for everyone. Well after talking with my friends, the answers were pretty obvious. Everyone is in a different situation and has different priorities and daily tasks to do. You can’t just paint everyone with the same diet brush and expect it all to work out.

I realized that I had become passionate about not just weight loss, but also about helping others as well. So I started this site. My goal is to help motivate and inform you about the basics of a healthy diet and to help you get as excited as I was when I first started out. I really believe that small changes, along with great goals and motivation are the key to life long success with a healthy diet. I hope this site can act as that “health and fitness” course I never got in school for you and together we’ll find diets that work for you. I’d love to hear your questions and comments personally so if you have the time, drop me an email at john@fatlossdietsthatwork.com or on Google+ and I’ll do my best to get back to you personally ASAP.

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