How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

lose weight without exercise

Can You Actually Lose Weight Without Exercise or is That Just a Dream I Had? No Pain, No Gain. Sign up for weight loss boot camp and work til you pass out, it’s the only way you’ll ever lose weight right? The truth they don’t want to tell you while you’re running up the hills […]

Green Tea Weight Loss – What’s the Scoop

green tea weight loss

If you’ve read a few weight loss tips you’ve probably seen the reports: ***Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water or green tea every day and avoid drink with added sugar to drop the pounds.*** It’s very common advice, and as it turns out, quite helpful too. Personally I think the term “super food” is […]

Why Halloween Makes the Best Cheat Day

halloween cheat day

Of all the holidays, Halloween is the most centered around sugary carbs, drinking and partying. If you’re not into Halloween then you can treat this just like any other day and go about your regular routine, but if you know you’re going to be surrounded by candy and treats all the time then it’s time […]

5 Diet Brain Hacks You Need to Know for a Diet to Succeed

diet brain hacks

To tell the truth, learning what foods to eat, how to count calories and the other technical parts of a good diet are the easy bits. The reason is that this information is important, at least 50% of what makes a true diet that works, and so there are many diets available that teach good […]

Why I’m Paleo and Loving it

why i love eating paleo

Eating Paleo is Easy Eating whole foods rules. They are easy to find at any store or farmers market. Whole foods are easy to prepare, lots of foods can be eaten raw or can be simply cooked in just one easy step. I would much rather take 5 minutes to cook a sweet potato and […]

Easiest Way to Lose Weight (Not All Exercise)


What is better than lifting weights? Better than running on the treadmill? Much better than getting major surgery too? The answer is: eating the right foods in the right amounts and avoiding the wrong ones The questions now is what are the right foods and what are the wrong ones? You want to find the […]

Top 3 Practices Behind Diets That Work

set goals for diets that work

If you speak to 10 different people you could find 10 different diets that work to lose weight. This goes to show that there is no “right way” to lose weight and many different approaches will work.  However there are some common threads that you will find more often than not when you talk to […]

The Secret to Picking the Right Diet


You see news about dieting everywhere you look and all the information is totally different. How do you choose??? Every talkshow has the latest guru come on to tell you how their diet will blast your belly fat and get you looking like a fitness model. The good news is that diet is the single […]