Why Halloween Makes the Best Cheat Day

halloween cheat dayOf all the holidays, Halloween is the most centered around sugary carbs, drinking and partying. If you’re not into Halloween then you can treat this just like any other day and go about your regular routine, but if you know you’re going to be surrounded by candy and treats all the time then it’s time to shift in to cheat mode. Here are the reasons why Halloween makes the best cheat day and how to get the best results.


Unlike other holidays which are centered on spending time with your family and having a big lunch/dinner. Halloween is all about going wild after dark. This leaves you the whole rest of the day to prepare for what may come. If sugary snacks are made available throughout the day, do your best to avoid them as you normally would. Instead, you can plan ahead by hitting the gym at the right time, loading up on proteins and low carb meals during the day in preparation for the festivities.

Party Down

The party atmosphere can actually be really helpful in limiting the harmful effects of carbs. If you’ve read The 4 Hour Body, you know that small amount of exercise during the cheat period are really beneficial to burning those simple sugars before they are converted to fat. Well if you’re out at a Halloween party you should have lots of activities available, at the very least you can hit the dance floor or run around scaring people. Along with keeping active during this time remember things like PAGG and eating protein and fiber along with your sweets, if you can find any that is.

Do a Good Deed

If for some reason you wake up the next morning and find yourself with a stash of chocolate bars and candy from the night before you have the chance to perform a generous act and at the same time get yourself out of trouble. Find one or more deserving people and distribute your treats to them instead. You’ll build goodwill, people will like you and you’ll get rid of all the junk. If you can’t find anyone to give away you stash to you can always try your local food bank or a program like Operation Gratitude.

Avoiding the Tempting Candy Deals

The day after Halloween is when all the candy in the stores goes on sale and may seem like a tempting treat. If you’ve been following a cheat schedule you may have noticed that the easiest time to avoid sugars is right after the cheat, rather than when you’ve been waiting 3-4 days (at least that’s how it is for me on my paleo plan atm). By timing your cheat right before the blowout sales you will not feel the pull to stock up on candy (again, stocking up always ends up badly for me).

Enjoy the Best Cheat Day of the Year

Keep these tips in mind for next October and instead of dreading the thought of a crazy binge day on the 31st you can plan ahead and use these to direct you to the perfect cheat day.