Easiest Way to Lose Weight (Not All Exercise)

What is better than lifting weights? Better than running on the treadmill? Much better than getting major surgery too? The answer is: eating the right foods in the right amounts and avoiding the wrong ones The questions now is what are the right foods and what are the wrong ones? You want to find the foods that rev up your metabolism and get you burning extra fat even when you sleep. Here are the 5 top ways that you can lose weight the easy way.

1. Eat Fiber and Protein Together With Most Meals

easiest way to lose weight

Protein and Fiber are your best friends

Fiber is super low in calories and has a lot of benefits to your health. It also takes up a lot of space on your plate and in your stomach, especially for its low number of calories. This helps fill you up and activates the first trigger, volume, in your stomach telling you you’re full. This is also in addition to the other benefits of fiber which include lowering cholesterol, controlling blood sugar spikes and improving digestive health.

Now when you combine all those benefits of fiber with protein, you have a winning combo. Protein is also slow digesting compared to other foods, leading to you feeling full for longer as well as using more calories in digestion (See more on the Thermic Effect of Food) Also, unless you’re eating mostly whole foods you are probably lacking in both the protein and fiber departments. Most processed and packaged foods are mostly carbs, with the majority of the fiber removed. Not exactly healthy and certainly not as filling. So try to make a habit of eating protein and fiber whenever you can. Tuna salad and celery, pork chops and sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs with chopped veggies are all great options.

2. Don’t Avoid the Fat


Start changing up where you get your daily fats

Get familiar with a few healthy fat sources. Nuts and seeds, avocados, olives and salmon all provide delicious and healthy fats which your body needs. When you mix some healthy fat with protein in a meal there is a synergistic affect that works to slow digestion even further and keep you sated longer. Not to mention the affect fat has on keeping you feeling good, keeping your brain healthy as well as helping your body absorb many fat soluble vitamins. Without enough fat in your diet you will find yourself craving food all the time and making bad choices.

I can’t stress this enough, remember, eating fat doesn’t directly mean putting fat on your body, but be sure it’s the good stuff, stay away from too much saturated fat and do your best to avoid trans fats all together. Leave the low fat craze back in the 80s.

3. Cut Down on the Simple Stuff

simple-vs-natural-sugarSimple carbohydrates (aka sugar), especially glucose or the refined white table sugar, are artificially added, nutritionally empty calories usually found in foods that aren’t so good for you. This doesn’t just go for sugar, more foods are refined, the simpler they are to digest and the faster you are hungry again after eating them. Do you best to avoid refined oil and flours and instead look for whole food sources, like olives instead of olive oil and whole grain bread instead of white when you can. Also, all the fiber, water and other nutrients are stripped out of these foods leaving them very calorically dense.

Wait though, it gets even worse, simple sugar like this needs a special hormone to be released by your body to use glucose once it enters the blood stream. Eating a lot of sugar causes a lot of insulin to be released, a huge amount more than what is needed to deal with the amount of glucose. This leaves extra insulin in your blood stream with nothing to do, searching for glucose. The bad thing is this spike in insulin causes your body to call out for MORE glucose to use up the extra insulin that was released. So you crave more sugar and this continues in a vicious cycle. The easiest way to lose weight is to avoid the simple sugar! So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, look for a more natural source like fruit or try some Stevia in water with a little lemon for a totally calorie free delicious lemonade.

4. Use, Don’t Lose, Your Cool

fat-burning-temperatureHot and cold can help you boost your metabolism and lose weight. Drink more of your beverages with ice to cool them down, your body uses extra calories to heat it back up. Finding it a bit chilly? Don’t put on a sweater just let your body work to keep you warm, you’ll be burning an increased amount of calories while you do. If you want to take it to the extreme you can try walking outside in winter without a coat, taking a cold shower or sitting in an ice bath like Tim Ferriss in The 4-Hour Body (A great book by the way with tons of life hacks like this). Like I said, these are some extreme examples but Tim has shown that they get results.

On the flip-side you can use heat to get your body to regulate its temperature and burn extra calories as well. Capsaicin, the stuff which makes peppers hot has been shown to boost fat burning by as much as 23%. So if you like a little spice try adding it to more of your meals for an extra boost and an easy way to lose weight.

5. Get the Best Information

choose-the-right-pathFollowing the tips above will get you well ahead of the game when it comes to losing weight. However there are still a lot of things to learn that can help you. Consider, as well, that right now you might be going off bad information! Perhaps someone once told you about a special way to lose weight or you read something in a magazine on the subject and you’ve been using that information in your quest to shed the pounds. What if it turned out that that was bad information and was actually hindering your efforts!

This is why I recommend using a pre-made diet plan, which lays out all the steps and tips and has proven results. Although plans like Eat Stop Eat, the Fat Burning Furnace and Paleo Burn (Three of my personal favourite plans which I highly recommend) may all have different steps and be very different overall from one another, all of the information in each works together to get you the best results and they are proven to be effective. Using a plan like this will guarantee you have all the right information to get the job done.

Bonus Tip – Get Moving

Make no mistake, a healthy diet is THE #1 way to lose weight and you will find yourself struggling to get results if you exercise but don’t consider you diet. However once your diet is in place, exercise is an amazing help to getting fit. Being active works like a catalyst, speeding up all the results from your diet. Try getting active for at least 30-45 minutes a day getting out and getting your heart rate up and you will see better results even faster than with diet alone.