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eat stop eat review

Eat Stop Eat is an eating method developed by Brad Pilon for his personal use in body building and developed with the help of his experience and knowledge as a graduate of Applied Human Nutrition at the University of Guelph.


This is my Eat Stop Eat review from my personal experience with the diet.

The Eat Stop Eat Review

Diet Basics

The clue is in the name of the diet, Eat Stop Eat. This is a diet plan based on intermittent fasting. While it encourages and teaches you about healthy food choices the biggest part of the diet is fasting for periods up to 24 hours.

This strategy provides a simple way for calories control in the following way. Say you are trying to keep your calories to 2000/day or 14000/week. If you fast for 2 days of the week you now only have 5 days of eating to fill up on food; that’s 2800 calories per day. So as long as you don’t go crazy with cake right after your fast ends and keep to a regular eating pattern the pounds will drop off.

Is This Diet For You?

I love the fasting movement and am definitely on the band wagon. I would recommend that everyone try fasting, at least for a little while, unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from not eating regularly. Even if you think that you’ll be tired or get really hungry, I would encourage you to just give it a go for one week. A whole day of little to no food does seem daunting, but after you’ve done it a few times it actually seems pretty trivial and I found that I had so much extra time to get stuff done. Even exercising wasn’t negatively affected.

If a whole day seems too long there are other options like shorter more frequent fasts that might work better for you. For me this is one of those things that sounds totally crazy and not normal until you try it but then afterwards you come to find that it is actually pretty great.

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What You Will Learn

You are going to learn very different skills and information from a typical eating plan. With Eat Stop Eat, it is less about what you eat than when. The most important thing I learned was about controlling hunger and growing a little mental toughness. People say that running a marathon is as much mental perseverance as physical endurance and I think it is the same way with diet. When the cravings come to eat, I always give them 20 minutes to figure out if I’m really hungry. Usually I have a drink and do something else and I just find that I was bored and food came to mind.

If you’re into the body science part of things this book is very interesting. Brad Pilon is a smart guy with a degree in Applied Human Nutrition and the research that went into this way of eating is amazing. It really clarifies that notion of “starvation mode” that is constantly being used in this industry, as well as teaching you how different hormones and chemicals, especially insulin, respond to fasting. This book really shows how fasting is a great body hack for burning fat with the minimum of effort.

Here is a video of Brad Pilon talking about how fasting does more than just reduces calorie consumption, it actually makes you question why you’re eating. Following the fasting schedule is a great way to break out of mindless eating habits.


Something I noticed, or didn’t notice, when fasting was that it was very easy when I had a busy day. If I was doing a lot of stuff, going places and talking to people, I hardly had time to notice that lunch time had passed and the sun was going down. It is probably something we’ve all done on a busy day. However, if you don’t lead a life like this or if you are having a relaxing day, then things can get more difficult. If I had a day off at home or was spending the day writing or working online things were much harder. Like I said earlier boredom is the biggest enemy to fasting. I’d recommend not putting yourself on a fast on days like this or you’re more likely to run in to problems.

Is Eat Stop Eat a Scam?

There is so much advice on the internet about eating healthy and losing fat that many people question whether paying any money for advice is a scam. It’s sad that there are people out there who try to take advantage of people trying to improve their lives. A lot of research, testing and trial and error went into developing the exact science that is the Eat Stop Eat way of intermittent fasting and it has all been cataloged in an easy to read and easy to follow guide along with most of the answers to your questions. This is what you’re money is going to support.

There is lots of free advice, I offer a lot of it on my site. This plan packages and sorts through all the noise out there, finds the specific points that work together best and presents it with laser focus so you can have the easiest experience following it to meet your goals. Each plan is different but all are effective for different people with different lifestyles and priorities, if you don’t pick a diet that works for you then you may end up feeling scammed in the end, that is what this review is here to prevent, so keep reading!

My Favorite Part

I love that Eat Stop Eat is so unique from other diets. The focus is on learning. Learning how your body works, learning how to control hunger and learning that fasting isn’t so bad. It is not about the food, saying do eat this don’t eat that. This creates a lot of freedom that other eating plans lack and it is easy to fit into your life because you do what you want with food.

My Least Favorite Part

As must as I do like fasting, I have to admit that at the beginning I was not impressed. The first few fast days I had real trouble seeing how this was going to be something I would continue with. Learning to fast sucks, it is a big change and change is BAAAD! If you’re not willing to give fasting a fighting chance you should avoid the STOP and just continue to EAT with a different plan.

My Ratings Explained


Motivation and Support – 3/5 The book provides a few tips on how to deal with fast days but in the end it is up to you. I found that motivation was very hard while getting acclimated to the fast but the majority of the time is not spent fasting and so it is not the major problem. However those tough times spent fasting knock off 2 points.

Easy to Follow – 4/5 The idea behind it is very simple, just stop eating. There are no special foods either. The point was lost for me because fasting comes off as a pretty extreme method and falls into the “requires strict timing” for me though definitely not as bad as some diets that wake you up at 2am to eat a steak.

Requires Food Change – 5/5 No food changes here, even if you refuse to learn the first thing about healthy food(bad idea), skipping a few days worth of food will still put you in a calorie deficit. This diet won’t restrict food choices.

Not Restrictive – 4/5 On the one hand you can eat what you like, going out to eat or living life without thinking about food is easy. On the other hand fast days turn that on their head. I found that if you go out to eat infrequently it is easy to plan around the fasts or to turn down any offered food with a quick, “No thanks.” If you go out to eat every day and think it may seem odd that you don’t get anything in front of your friends some days I would suggest either telling them that sometimes you just aren’t hungry or just letting them know that you’re trying a fast, depending on which you are more comfortable with.

Overall 4/5 – The book is informative, the diet is solid and I really enjoy fasting now. I recommend it highly and so Eat Stop Eat gets high marks in my book. It is a healthy way to eat and live.

Take the Plunge

I hope this Eat Stop Eat overview has been helpful. Remember, you know yourself best. Does this sound like an effective diet plan for your lifestyle? Will it fit with your habits? The most important step you can make in fat loss is the first one to start eating to reach your goals.

If you have any questions about the diet or my experiences please leave a comment here or email me at Thanks for reading!check-it-out

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