No BS PaleoBurn Review By An Actual User – PaleoBurn By Ken Burge

paleoburn-diet-reviewPaleoBurn is a step by step approach to teaching you the Paleo diet, a hugely successful way of eating for fat loss and healthy living. Ken Burge took what he saw as a promising idea for a diet plan and condensed all the questions, steps, mistakes and recipes into its simplest form. He was able to get results not just in himself, but also friends and family before releasing the final product.
This is my PaleoBurn review of my personal experience with the diet.

The PaleoBurn Review

Diet Basics

The PaleoBurn system is based off of the very popular Paleo/Primal way of eating. The thought is that by looking back to the Paleolithic or pre-agricultural area, when humans hunted and foraged for most of their food we will find a way of eating more in line with the foods that our bodies originally developed eating.

The diet therefore focuses on meat, fish, roots, fruit and nuts. Grains, processed foods, refined sugar and dairy are minimized and eliminated.

Ken is not the creator of the science behind the diet but he has done his own research (like me but on a larger scale) and found a system to: explain what the paleo diet is, provide a step by step layout to motivate and guide people to follow it and provide a support system and real examples of how to succeed.

Who This Diet Is and Isn’t For

I think paleo is a great way to eat. It fits in with the foods that I like to eat (I love steak and mushrooms, fresh fruit in season and snacking on almonds) and keeps me away from trigger foods like fried rice, chocolate and cereal.

DO NOT – If you have no interest in cutting processed foods like breads, milk or sweets from your diet, this is not a plan you will want to pursue.

DO NOT – If you are happy to do your own research and have the time and a strong sense of personal organization and time management you may find it better to do your own research on paleo. There is certainly an abundance of information out there about it for free.

DO – Are you normally a good, healthy eater but sometimes get triggered by a plate of cookies at a party and have trouble stopping after you’ve had one and end up eating ten (definitely me). I found that simple cutting those trigger foods from my diet makes it tremendously easy to just say no. It is like a switch in the mind, “No, that is not something I eat.”

DO – If you need a plan to follow and support to keep you on it. PaleoBurn is set up to get you started and following the steps until you reach your goal. Some diets are free form, telling you to eat certain foods but not giving much other advice. That is not the case here, it is a full plan laid out for you to follow.

>>Does this ^^^ sound like you?<<

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What You Will Learn

The Primal eating movement is a big one. It has garnered a lot of attention and been tested by many people. This book is not a report on the science behind why the diet is effective, but instead a real world instruction manual on how to make it successful.

You get to know about what paleo is, the foods that you do and don’t eat and a bit about why that is, without too much of the science. It teaches you how to move that information into your daily routines and how to change your perceptions about what is healthy and not healthy.

You’ll get recipes, ideas for what to eat when you go out and help tracking and measuring your results, along with a support system to ask questions that come up and keep you motivated. It’s the difference between pumping your own gas and going to a full service station (if pumping your own gas was as difficult as losing fat was that is).

It is my belief that the mental part of the diet is what is tough and that is why I am so supportive of plans that help support you and keep you motivated. The information on what and how to eat is good but I think that the real value of a diet plan comes from the support.

Here is a video showing you how you can still eat those typical foods that seem like they would be made with processed ingredients and make them paleo.


Is PaleoBurn a Scam?

You could say that. If you do a Google search for “how to eat paleo” you will find a ton of free information on what the diet is and how you can do it but as I said above, that is not the main attraction of PaleoBurn.

The information is available online for free. It is spread out over a lot of sites and it is not compiled in a step by step guide but with a bit of time you can figure it all out. I’ve explained above why this diet is more than the sum of its parts but there is also a bit more.

You will find that people value things that they’ve paid for at a much higher level than things that are free. If you pay for a diet plan, chances are much greater that you will stick with it than with something you got for free and has no structure. If you do go through with it and you feel scammed there is always the 60 day guarantee, so whether it is a scam or not is for you to decide.

Weaknesses of the Program

Nothing is perfect and even though I love PaleoBurn it has a pretty huge flaw. Eating the Primal diet may have been fine for people thousands of years ago but we live today and we have hamburger and cupcake shops in every town.

You’ve probably grown accustomed to eating a certain way and that can be a tough habit to break, especially with advertising the way it is with Golden Arches on every corner and ice cream commercials on TV.

The biggest weakness of this diet and of paleo in general is that the world changes and we have access to processed foods. Unless you want to go without and have a strong drive to follow through, things will quickly fall flat.

The Best Part

Primal eating is huge. The support and community both on and offline is massive. There are no shortage of websites with paleo friendly recipes of everything you can imagine and message boards with people to talk to.

Local paleo dieters could be easy to find as many Crossfitters promote a paleo way of eating and you can certainly find a Crossfit gym in your area if you’d like to find some like-minded individuals to share your time with and support.

The Worst Part

Processed food tastes GOOD! It’s been designed with just the right amounts of sugar, fat and salt to take us to that pleasure point and you’ve probably already tasted it. Knowing that it’s out there, it’s usually cheap and easy and you used to love eating it makes it pretty tempting and tough to avoid.

This is a big problem at the start of the diet especially. I found that upping the fruit as a substitute for sweet things helped a bit but it was still rough.

My Ratings Explained


Please keep in mind that these ratings are based on me and my personal experience. Keeping that in mind, here are my PaleoBurn Review Ratings.

Motivation and Support 4/5 – Paleo is a huge phenomenon. The program comes with 24 a FAQ, phone and email support but by starting a paleo diet you’ll also be eligible to join the GIANT online primal eating community out there. There are hundreds of discussion forums, recipe sites and people to talk to, plus you can seek out, or might run into others following the diet.

Easy to Follow 5/5 – For me this was great. I can’t really recommend a diet that says it’s OK to eat lots of sugar and processed foods, even if they aren’t eliminated they must be seriously reduced. With that in mind, I found that just removing those trigger foods from the picture made it much easier for me to avoid them.

At the same time I love eating meat and steak is a big favorite as well as fresh fruit when I need it. The real reason this is easy to follow is the abundance of recipes, just about everything has been made paleo friendly, even spaghetti. It is nuts and I found that if I ever had a craving I could make it happen.

Requires Food Changes 4/5 – This diet does have food restrictions and yes, they are pretty big and maybe another reviewer would give a lower mark here but here’s my opinion. Cutting out grains, cereals and sugar seemed like a big step for me, even though I already knew that refined sugars and flours were not going to be the cornerstone of any good diet, dropping them totally seemed like a big deal.

For me again it comes back to making it work with the tools you have. If I can’t have added sugar, but can still make up a bowl of Paleo “Chocolate Ice Cream” out of frozen mashed bananas or coconut milk, cocoa and honey (or Stevia which I prefer) it doesn’t really seem like I’m truly making a change.

Not restrictive 4/5 – To the uninitiated eater, just starting out this may seem quite restrictive. However if you know what you’re doing it is easy to go into any restaurant and order a paleo friendly meal. High end restaurant? Go for the chicken, fish or steak with veggies, skip the dessert and go for a coffee instead maybe. Fast food works too, with the new abundance of salads with chicken breast, or even a burger if you’re willing to eat around the bun(a knife and fork might look weird but makes it easier if you go that route). Many restaurants even have paleo friendly options. As for your every day diet, once you’ve settled into your routine making a noodle free lasagna seems just as normal and easy as a traditional one.

Overall 5/5 – Even though I gave some categories 4/5 I really felt a connection to this diet both with the foods and with the whole spirit of the way of eating it promotes. This is the only diet I’ve given 5 stars because it is my personal favorite and I think it deserves it.

Commit To Yourself

On the surface this plan seems like a big change, but that big hump at the beginning leads to smooth sailing once you’re entrenched in your new Primal lifestyle. If you can give it a try I recommend you do as I really took to this way of eating, but it isn’t for everyone.

You know yourself best and if it definitely isn’t going to work there is something that is right for you and I recommend you check out something else. Just don’t sit around and do nothing, take that first step.

If you have any questions about the diet or my experiences, please leave a comment here or email me at john@fatlossdietsthatwork. Thanks for reading!