The Secret to Picking Diets that Work

pick a diet that works

Things were going downhill. The only thing going up was the scale. I want to tell you about how I went from starting out totally clueless to learning the perfect method to connect you with the correct diet that will work for you and get results. If you’re like me you’ve tried a couple diets before with limited success. Those failures however are what led to my “Aha” moment about diets and why they fail.  With just a few simple questions about what you need, you’ll connect with a diet that will work specifically for you; because you’re not a cookie cutter, you’re a person.

The Media on Diets – How to Avoid the Hype and Find the Facts

You see news about dieting everywhere you look. Every talk show has the latest guru come on to tell you how their diet will blast your belly fat and get you looking like a fitness model. The good news is that diet really is the single most powerful force behind changing the way your body looks, it’s even more important than exercise. The thing about diets, while they aren’t hard physical work like exercise, is that somewhere along the line we all run into some problem. It’s something different for everyone. One diet may tell you to drink only diet coke and eat a tic tac every three hours. Well after a few days of that you’re so ravenous that you go out and eat a whole bag of cookies or stop off at the local golden arches and load up on junk. Some let you eat all your favorite foods, but another will give you a strict list of what to eat. Eat 6 times per day, skip breakfast, make sure to eat right after you wake up, eat one big meal for dinner and go to sleep right away. Those don’t sound like diets that work, but still it goes on and on.

While all these diets may seem very different, an effective diet only has a few simple components. First, it will help you set personal goals. Without goals there is no direction and you are left to wander around trying everything but not really going anywhere. The second thing an effective diet will do is discover how to eat to achieve your goal. They might suggest eating it at different times, but the amount of food that’s right for you should be pretty similar. Lastly, and here is what separates a good diet from the best diet, is the diet will keep you motivated and help you overcome any obstacles that might come up along the way. That’s it, these three simple steps are common to all the diets that work.

Get Personal to Get Results – the Steps to Getting What You Want

Earlier I said that it seemed like all the different diets were pulling in different directions, encouraging you to do things that totally contradict one another. Well here is the secret reason behind that strange behaviour…

The reason is you.

Think about it. When you need to buy a new pair of shoes you go to the shoe store. You pick out some shoes you like and then see if they have them in your size. You want shoes that fit you of course. This how things would work out if you went to the store and the clerk offered you an assortment of shoes, but they were all shoes they liked and that fit them. How can you pick a diet that will “fit” you if you don’t check that it will meet your goals. That’s where I’m coming in to help.

Consider your personal taste. Do you want a relaxed, more casual diet where you still eat all the same foods as before, or have you had trouble in the past with your motivation and you’re looking for a strict, no nonsense plan that will give you rigid guidelines that you can follow. These differences in personal goals and preferences lead to different diets being right for different people.

So how can you possibly find the right diet that will work with your personal goals and preferences? Well luckily I had the same question. I scoured the net, and read about all those diet plans, learned about how to get real results and found out what works and what doesn’t. Now I’ve decided to use all that information to pay it forward and help others. I created this site with a fast, free calculator for matching you with your optimal diet. In under 5 minutes and with just a few questions to get to know you it can help match you with a diet that will work for you. Click the banner below to get started now and find diets that work for

What to Expect from Your Diet

I really care about helping others on this path, because I know how tough things were for me. When I first decided enough was enough I was nearing 300 pounds and was very depressed with how I looked and it affected the rest of my life. I was too scared to go to a gym and didn’t know what to do there anyway, I was so big, it seemed like an impossible task. Luckily I spent a lot of my free time on my computer, so when I first decided to do something I had access to a lot of information. Too much as it turned out… I must have spent two weeks just reading, without making any changes.

In the end I got a few of my favorites, picked one and went for it. The first time wasn’t a big success for me and looking back I made a number of mistakes that could have given me much better results. Hopefully writing them down here will help you avoid the same problems I had.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Diet

Realize that a new diet is a change for your life. If you plan to lose some weight and keep it off you’ll need to stick to your “diet” forever. When I stopped thinking of it as a diet and started thinking of it as a change in how I ate, this got easier.

Every diet has some flexibility. It’s a rare case where you can follow your diet every day, for every meal. Without a bit of flexibility you are much more likely to “break” and say forget about it, when you could “bend” and go off book for one meal then get right back on the horse. If you put things in perspective, over the next 6 months of changing your way of eating even if you don’t follow your diet plan to the letter several times, the vast majority of the time you did. I call this the 80/20 rule. What you do 80% of the time has a much bigger impact than what you do 20% of the time. That simple rule has kept me on course more times than I can count.

“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are.”
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Learn about what you eat. In one week of taking an interest in my food for a few minutes a day I learned as much practical information as I had in the past two weeks, spending hours reading and researching. Using a food scale and a website with information about calories (I used calorieking) I learned about what foods really were doing for me. When I figured out what 6 oz of lean ground beef looked like and that it had 223 calories I could make my meals faster and more easily, I could estimate how much I ate at restaurants and I became more confident in myself. Many people are scared of “counting calories” but I encourage you to try it for just 1 week. The amount you can learn about portions(just how many grapes are in a serving?) and calories of various foods (I found I had a skewed perception on some) gave me more confidence and much better results.

What Not to Expect from Your Diet

Aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll end up among the stars. It might be good marketing but for picking a diet it might just send you crashing back down again. The key with dieting is consistency. Lots of diets start off with a bang because if people don’t see results immediately they are much more likely to quit. Give your diet some time to work. If you’ve got a lot to lose you can start off seeing big numbers dropping off each week. However, when you get down and have a bit less weight to lose remember what I said about consistency. If you are losing even a pound each week that is an amazing success. Consider in a year that is 52 pounds and you can safely and happily lose that much. I urge you not to be like so many people and give up if you come to a plateau, or don’t see 20 pounds lost in your first week. If you’re moderately overweight you should be able to safely lose 1 to 2 pounds each week on average maybe up to double this. If you are very overweight much more might be reasonable for a while. I hope you’ll take this into consideration when setting your goals to avoid disappointment. Your body does have limits and while I encourage you to find and press those boundaries and even break them, it will help to keep your goals in the range outlined above.

Take Action Now

So you now you’ve gotten the information you need. The next step is to act. There is no perfect time or special sign that it is time to act. You’ve got the motivation and the interest. Find the diet plan and start following through. Month-from-now you will be glad you did.