Top 3 Practices Behind Diets That Work

If you speak to 10 different people you could find 10 different diets that work to lose weight. This goes to show that there is no “right way” to lose weight and many different approaches will work.  However there are some common threads that you will find more often than not when you talk to someone who has had success getting healthy through diet. You may be surprised that the focus isn’t on food here.

Get Some Goals

set goals for diets that workWhen you set a goal for yourself you put yourself on the path to success. You will find that you move in a straight line towards the goal, running to get what you want, rather than going about aimlessly and eventually getting frustrated that you haven’t achieved anything.

A goal can be anything, it is up to you. If you want to lower your cholesterol levels, lose 10 pounds or stop eating so much junk food you can do it. Start a log of you goal and keep entries on how you are progressing.

A sample for someone who wants to eat less junk food might write, “First Week of September – I ate the following foods, 3 bags of chips, 4 chocolate bars, 6L of soda and a cake, totalling 8000 calories”. With your goal to improve your eating habits you can change your diet for next week and eat less. Week after week the progress adds up.

Be Positive

Dieting isn’t an exact science. You can’t just eat a specific amount and lose a specific amount of weight, or get the exact result you are looking for. Thanks to the “get it now” mentality we have today, this can be very discouraging.

Remember, it probably has taken quite a while to get into the shape you are now, where you want to change. You won’t be able to reverse things overnight. A positive attitude will be crucial to make sure you stick with it. It is important to start with the right information, but it also helps to believe in what you are doing. Over time you will start to see results, so stick with it!

You’ve Got to Love it

A diet that you don’t love will not be one that works. That is the problem with yo-yo diets, you go on them for a few weeks and it is all toil and hassle. When it is over and you start to see some results, the diet gets thrown off and the weight will come back.

The secret is that you need to be eating foods that you like, eating enough so that you aren’t hungry all the time and so that you are happy with life. The longer you stick to a great diet the more results you will see, plus they will last. Find a new diet for life, not just for a few weeks.


Eating a healthy, balanced diet is a lifelong goal that will improve your health, have you feeling great and lets you enjoy your life. There are a lot of different plans and ways of eating that you can follow for success. These three tips will help you out regardless of which one you choose to follow.

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