Why I’m Paleo and Loving it

Eating Paleo is Easy

why i love eating paleoEating whole foods rules. They are easy to find at any store or farmers market. Whole foods are easy to prepare, lots of foods can be eaten raw or can be simply cooked in just one easy step. I would much rather take 5 minutes to cook a sweet potato and grill a chicken breast than spend those same 5 minutes microwaving a TV dinner or ordering a pizza. Fruits, vegetables and nuts can be simply eaten raw any time. When I stock my house with easy to prepare, delicious food it is no trouble at all to avoid the call of the processed, high sugar/fat junk food that used to be a problem.

Paleo Eating Doesn’t Restrict Choices

Some similar diets which cut out sugars and grains are super draining and mentally tough to follow. I have tried some very low carb diets and though they can provide some results in terms of weight loss, they really aren’t the lifestyle I want to be following for the rest of my life. Are there things that I avoid when eating a paleo diet? Yes, however I see this as a good thing. Paleo gives me the blueprint to eat healthy, and cutting out the highly processed, sugar rich junk from my diet isn’t so much a restriction as it is a smart decision that gets my full support. There simply isn’t a reasonable diet out there that has you load up on sugar and processed starch. Smart diets, like Paleo, still make allowances for the problem foods as they should, infrequently.

The Paleo Diet Encourages Muscle Growth and Drops Fat

paleo-muscleAfter I learned about eating properly to lose weight and got some results, I felt confident with my successes and joined a gym. I now love the gym and it really gives me a focus for my energy and lets me set new goals for myself outside of my diet. However I still understand that without the right diet, my success and progress in the gym would quickly shrivel up and turn to nothing. My diet is what makes me lean and healthy, lifting weights is what turns the food I eat into strength and muscle. Without the proper nutrition, hoping to see the gains I look for in the gym is just a pipedream.

I feel better all the time – Before my diet revolution, I have to say, even though I wasn’t active I was tired A LOT. I know that this is cliche, but that is just because being tired is a symptom of a bad diet, rich in the processed carbs and fats that are so popular in the junk I was consuming. Eat bad food, get bad results. Therefore it is no surprise that when I switched my diet I saw a change in how I feel and how much energy I have.

I’d like to share another problem I had that is actually a bit embarrassing. I noticed that sometimes, especially the morning following a meal high in foods like pizza or other baked goods of that sort I would have horrible breath. To be honest it was more than just the breath, I felt as if my stomach was full of farts and the smell and taste was constantly getting burped up. I know this thought is a bit gross, but I wanted to share it in case anyone else has noticed this problem. I did some research and found that this is a problem with some people with wheat. So rather than going through mouthwash and toothpaste by the bottle, I now simply avoid the trigger and I feel great. It really isn’t “worth it” to eat a pizza and experience that grossness the next day, especially when I have so many other great options.

Every Recipe has a Paleo Version

The Paleo movement is so huge now, and has so many great people looking for interesting ways to eat within the guidelines of the diet that there is a recipe for EVERYTHING. From recipes for foods which mimic non-paleo fare to completely new and delicious foods. The combinations here are only limited by peoples imaginations, and paleo chefs have become great at imagining.

The Paleo Community is HUGE and Supportive

paleo-diet-supportPeople love sharing. We love to talk about our triumphs and even our failures. To congratulate each other and console. As people looking to live strong and eat clean the Paleo community is no exception. Not only are there recipes, but there are infinite tips, inspirational stories, new practices and great articles to read. The Paleo way of eating has become a positive force which brings people together to be strong, healthy and eat right. Now that is something I can really support.

My Thoughts on Being Paleo

To be honest I am not 100% paleo. I enjoy the occasional non-paleo treats now and then, especially ricotta cheese and some extra grains, but I still like to think of myself as a follower. As I’ve mentioned I’ve developed my personal way of eating after a lot of research and trial and error. I love paleo for the reasons above and think that overall it is one of the best diet plans around today. If you want to get the best step-by-step guide there is to learning the Paleo way of eating you can get it here with my personal recommendation.

Got an opinion on Paleo Eating? Comment below and let me know!

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